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Christmas Drinks Week: Cranberry Cutie Cocktail

This is the final Christmas drink idea of the week and we are ending it with a non-alcoholic Cranberry Cutie Cocktail. Great for those who don’t drink, have to drive or, of course, if you are too young to partake in an alcoholic beverage! This is a really easy cocktail to make and vibrant in colour from the cranberry […]

Christmas Drinks Week: Eggnog!

The lovely traditional British Eggnog. It also a drink with some history. Would you believe it once caused a riot in an American Military Academy? Here is the history of Eggnog from Wikipedia The origins, etymology, and the ingredients used to make the original eggnog drink are debated. Eggnog may have originated in East Anglia, England; or it […]

Christmas Drinks Week: Christmas Cosmopolitan

This recipe for a Christmas Cosmopolitan  is a twist on the traditional Cosmopolitan cocktail. The ingredients are few, simple to put together and would be a great addition to any Christmas party. This recipe serves 10 people. How to make your Christmas Cosmopolitan: 500ml vodka 500ml ginger wine 1 litre cranberry juice Juice of 5 limes – keep […]

Christmas Drinks Week: Mulled Wine

One of the most traditional drinks in Winter and particularly at Christmas is Mulled Wine. Usually based on red wine, various spices, raisins and served between warm and hot. It is also quite an old recipe, here is a quote from Wikipedia all about it… Mulled wine was popular in Victorian England at Christmas. One recipe was Smoking […]

Christmas Drinks Week: Merry Christi

It’s nearly Christmas and this week we are giving you all some ideas for Christmas Drinks to share over the party season. We will cover both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks but we start with the Merry Christi. This calls for Christiana Vodka which is an organic vodka made in Norway. However, I’m sure if you […]