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Serve Your Loved One A Chocolate Martini This Valentine’s Day

To make a really romantic Valentine’s Day home cooked experience, you need to ensure you have all the bases covered. Not just a fancy dessert or a great main course, but drinks as well. How about a chocolate martini? One that has a decorated rim to show off  the chocolate milk, which happens to have […]

Go Dipping This Christmas And Make A Fab Festive Chocolate Treat

We all love a festive chocolate treat, no matter what time of day it is! However, I’ve decided not to share recipes where loads of chocolate is used (thinking of thick frosted cakes here) but instead, where it’s used to enhance the final product. Dipping things in Chocolate is a fine festive tradition and there […]

Three Great Recipes That People Will Thank You For Making

The weekend is nearly upon us once again, and it’s time for some super dishes for you to check out. The only thing that these great recipes have in common is that they are just lovely! On a personal whim, I decided you needed to know about them, but I don’t think you’ll be complaining! In […]

Don’t Be Upset With The New Shape Toblerone, Use It As An Ingredient Instead!

The much loved Toblerone chocolate bar is now slightly different, there’s a bigger gap between each triangle now. And for a while, just briefly, it was the only thing the British could talk about and the news channels covered it all! Drowning out the continual mentions of Donald Trump, Brexit and Nigel Farage. The change is a […]

Are These Trendy Food Ideas ‘Amazing’ Or Just Plain Interesting?

You gotta love food magazines, they’re always telling us which trendy food we need to be eating. Often with claims that it’s something you need in your life right now and that it’s ‘going to go viral‘ if it hasn’t already. You see titles that include phrases like, “…it’s breaking the internet…‘ or “…you will […]

Could This Be The Best Chocolate Cake You Have Ever Seen?

While perusing the various foody groups I’m a member of on Facebook, I came across one posting that blew me away. If it’s still ok to describe food as being sexy then this cake is the partner of your dreams that fulfils your every need and desire and does so with a huge smile and a […]

Celebrating Spring with Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins

There is something so nice about spring coming… Bright colours, open windows, fresh air, lighter clothes… And fabulous flavours! Food speaks to me… The ingredient list is what pulls me in and the fresh fruit in a recipe compels me to take the time and make something great for my family. That’s where these amazing […]

Your Valentine’s Day Meal, The Delicious Dessert

This is it, you are two courses in and so far your Valentine’s Day starter and main course have gone better than you could of imagined. Now you are going to finish in style! The dessert you have chosen will say that you thought the whole thing through, you’ve done more than just pop out […]

Peanut Butter Blossoms, The Cookie You’ll Be Making Next!

I was recently thinking about writing a follow-up to my post about cookies – 6 Great Cookie Recipes That You Should Be Trying Right Now. However, Cara from The Little Blonde Baker got in touch and mentioned her recent post for Peanut Butter Blossoms. After taking a look, I thought they were worthy of a mention on their own. These […]

Chocolate Week: Mary Berry’s All-In-One Chocolate Cake

People all over the UK are feeling lost now that the Great British Bake Off has come to an end. What better way to cheer up than knowing it’s Chocolate week and there is no one better to show you how to make a perfect chocolate cake than Mary Berry herself. She uses her own all-in-one-method […]