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How To Make Your Own Super Fast Guacamole – Plus Serving Suggestions!

  This perfectly creamy guacamole takes less than five minutes to whizz together. BOOM! Have it on courgetti, on toast, with breakfast or straight off the spoon; it’s versatile and it’s yours. Have it on green leaves at breakfast if you’re opting for a carb-free/paleo option. It will act as a thick dressing for the […]

The Perfect Snack – Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potatoes With A Fabulous Dip

Bacon, one of the world’s most favourite food items. It’s versatile, has an addictive flavour and the most debated when it comes to the correct way of cooking it. So anything that has bacon in it is going to be of interest. And that’s one of the reasons why this recipe by UK food blogger Whitney at Whitty Paleo […]

Indo-chinese Chilli Paneer, An Amazing Mix From The Saffron Kitchen

    You’ve tasted Chinese food. You’ve tasted Indian food BUT have you tried Indo-chinese cuisine yet? If you haven’t, prepare to be mind-blown by this marriage of two delectable cuisines – Chinese food with Indian spices. WIN. Growing up, one of my favorite dishes at restaurants was the Chili Paneer (most popular paneer dish). […]

Chili & Red Pepper Jam – Rosie’s Kitchen

Welcome to the first of our Food Blogger Fridays! Each Friday we intend to share with you some delicious recipes from other food bloggers from across the globe. This week’s recipe comes from Rosie’s Home Kitchen. Rosie is an English lady living in France who loves to cook – check out her website for lots […]