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3 Easy Hummus Recipes From Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

With summer not far away, I’ve been checking out various hummus recipes. It’s really not that difficult to make and can be a lovely addition to a salad. Especially if you include some flat bread. You can turn an everyday lunch in to something much more interesting. There are many varying hummus recipes and not all of […]

Inspiring Ideas For Your Vegetarian Christmas Menu!

How are you getting on with planning a vegan or vegetarian Christmas? Have you got family members or friends who are leading a meat-free lifestyle? Are you having trouble deciding what to cook for them? Well, I’ve been researching the Intertubes and along the way I found some inspiration I think you’re gonna like. I’m not […]

Your New Favourite Indian Dish – Chole Masala

I just love a good Indian curry, though these days I use vegetables much more than I use meat. Tonight, I am planning on using cauliflower with an aromatic yoghurt inspired gravy. May not be too authentic but then I do like to experiment a little. One ingredient I do like to use is chickpeas. […]

flatbread, feta and chickpea salad

I am beginning to think I talk to much about flat bread. But it’s easy to make and quite versatile. Something any one can make in fact. So this recipe by Gordon Ramsay caught my attention for two good reasons. First, well it’s flat bread and the second is that he admits to liking vegetarian food! […]

Are you looking for a gluten free Chocolate cake?

Coeliac disease (or celiac disease for our U.S. friends) means you have to avoid gluten, something normally found in wheat flour. It’s the stuff that helps to bind stuff together in pastry etc. So if you want to eat a really nice chocolate cake then either you buy one or buy a packet mix that does […]