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BBQ Cooking: Chicken Kebabs With Corn On The Cob

This weekend, forget sausages and burgers on your BBQ and instead try grilling your own handmade chicken kebabs! Serve them with grilled corn on the cob for a really exciting plate of food. This inspiration comes from Deon who blogs at FoodJam. Despite having a day job, he somehow finds the time to post great […]

5 Great Chicken Sandwiches You Should Know About

Chicken sandwiches are glorious things. Tasty morsels of meat held between two slices of bread. However, there’s more to it than just sliced bread though. A sandwich can be a filling loosely held by a bun, or perhaps contained inside a baguette. I guess that is the beauty of a ‘sandwich’, it is what you say […]

Nigel Slater’s Coconut Chilli Chicken

I love to cook Asian inspired recipes, especially if there are nice and spicy! Not only do they have great flavours but quite often they’re simple and straightforward. You may have to spend some extra time preparing the ingredients but on the whole, nothing to complicated. A good example of how simple it can be […]

In Need Of A Good Winter Soup? Five Chicken Recipes To Check Out!

I love a good winter soup when it’s cold outside. I do what I can to use fresh seasonal vegetables but I don’t often blend them, which is the tendency for many. Sometimes, I just chop up the ingredients rather small, sometimes I get out the potato masher and squish them a bit. It’s all about the flavour and […]

How To Get The Perfect Christmas Roast Chicken, Turkey Or Goose

When it comes to cooking a chicken, turkey or goose for Christmas, you’ve got to know how to get them ready for the oven. After all, you want your Christmas roast with moist meat and full of flavour! Each bird requires it’s own particular preparation. That’s mainly due to the denseness of the meat and the fat […]

Jack Daniels As An Ingredient? Sure, Here’s Three Great Reason Why…

Should you use Jack Daniels as an ingredient? For that matter, should whisky be used at all? Some may argue that it’s wasted when used in a recipe. But is it really? After all, we use good quality red and white wines in recipes. I think it should be used where it enhances the dish and […]

Chicken Lollipop Dippers From Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics

As you may know, Jamie Oliver has a new book out – Super Food Family Classics. It’s currently a best seller on Amazon. While that may seem good news for Jamie, he recently became a Dad again with his fifth child which I’m sure surpasses the cookbook’s success by a long way! In the video above, Jamie shows us to […]

“Sunday Dinner” Fried Chicken | Mother’s Day Brunch in the Southern US

Being a true “Southerner” in the US (meaning one who was born and lives below the Mason Dixon line), we have many, MANY dishes and recipes that belong exclusively to us. First and foremost, would be grits. A very close second to grits, would be chicken biscuits and gravy. This is a true Southern staple. […]

Arugula Salad with Homemade Orange Champagne Vinaigrette, Pinenuts, Baked Chicken Herbs De Provence and Hard Boiled Eggs

Light, easy, and delicious, this is a lovely spring or summer time meal with only six ingredients! For this meal, the chicken will take the longest to cook. For this reason I am going to start with it first. Baked Chicken Herbs De Provence Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts Herbs De Provence Sea salt or […]

Your Valentine’s Day Meal, Amaze With Your Main Course

You made a big impression with your Valentine’s Day starter but it’s no time for slacking off! You’ve got to keep things going and perhaps take things to the next foodie level. Yes, it’s time to serve a main course that will make you a star! We’ve chosen these three recipes based on appearance and level […]