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Sarah Bailey’s Fruit And Nut Tray Bake

Sarah Bailey has been in touch and submitted this recipe for Fruit and Nut Tray Bake. From the pictures, it looks absolutely lovely! Most of the ingredients are most likely lurking in your cupboards. If they’re not then they are fairly cheap to buy and besides, you’re going to want to make lots of it so […]

Get cherry picking!

This month cherries are in abundance but they have a very short growing season so now’s the time to get to your local market or supermarket and buy yourself a few punnets. They are a very versatile fruit going well with meats and for making desserts plus they are an excellent source of both Vitamin A and […]

Soup Week: The perfect Autumn starter, warm cherry soup

Cherry soup? Now the idea of cherries in a soup may seem strange at first. However, as a starter, it makes perfect sense. It’s simple to make, easy to serve and in my humble opinion – should impress friends and family. As the Autumn days get cooler and the days get shorter, what better way […]