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Three Great Pasta Dishes From Three Great Italian Chefs

We all love pasta, from the passionate amateur trying to create something authentic to the student who needs something cheap┬áto eat. Kids love a good spaghetti dish mainly for the mess they can make! What ever the reason, it is and always will be a favourite. We have three great recipes from three great Italian […]

Where To Find Top Chef’s On Facebook

Have you been looking for your favourite chef on Facebook? Looking for recipes in your newsfeed? Follow us and you’ll get them┬ábut you can also follow chefs that have set up their own pages. Not every chef has a page so if your favourite is not there then they may spend their time entirely in […]

Looking For A Cookery Book? Top 10 To Choose From

We all like cook books, not just because of gorgeous photo’s and how they inspire us, but because we can populate a book shelf and pull them out when we need to. I think it’s easier to have an open book when following a recipe than reading it on a mobile phone or a tablet. […]