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Purr With Joy At The Latest Viral Sensation – The Japanese Cat Water Cake!

Back in April, I shared news of the amazing Raindrop Cake. It was all over the Intertubes and had massive amount of shares, especially on Facebook and Twitter. How do you go one better than that? With the Japanese Cat Water Cake of course! First of all, lets remind ourselves of what the Raindrop Cake looked like… […]

Make Your Hot Chocolate The Best Ever With Cute Marshmallow Cats!

Sadly, these cute marshmallow cats from the Yawahada Marshmallow Shop are out of stock. Despite the fact they are located in Japan, your would order a bunch wouldn’t you! The website indicates that the CafeCat package costs 860 Japanese Yen, which works out at around £4.41 The CafeCat package includes two cat, and four paw […]