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How To Build Brand Loyalty For Your Event

Alex Plaxen / Endless Events / 28 April 2020 / Rank:19

It’s time for another episode of #EventIcons – this time, about how to build brand loyalty for your event! Especially now that everything in the industry is so uncertain, this......

Extreme Personalization: 10 Ideas to Customize Engagement for Your Attendees

Rachel Boucher / Event Marketer / 06 April 2020 / Rank:23

10 ways to connect with customization-obsessed consumers The first wave of young Gen Z adults graduate college this year and will start entering the work force. And pretty soon, they’ll be registering for your events. Gen Z, an entrepreneurial-minded, customization-obsessed...

4 Fun Party Favor Ideas

Bryan Perez / Mindy Weiss / 27 February 2020 / Rank:22

Whatever type of event you throw, your guests make time to show up for you. A great way to thank them for being a part of your event is with a little (or big!) gift. If you need a bit...