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Three Great ‘Comfort Food’ Recipes You Need To See

I’ve been looking through the weeks posts from the ‘foodie blogosphere’ for comfort food. There’s been some really fab ideas that need a mention. The recipes I’ve selected for today are great examples of comfort food, ones that I would just love to have. The sort of things that I will definitely be in the mood for this […]

Cooking With Greek Yoghurt: Popsicles, Breakfast & Cakes!

I’m pretty sure that most people are really not that sure of what to do with Greek Yoghurt. Sure you can make Tzatziki,  even salad dressings but is that it? There’s a load of things you can make, ranging from cakes to ice lollies! Lets take a look at some of the fantastic ideas on offer […]

Planning A Gluten-Free Christmas Is Easier Than You Would Think

As Christmas is now well and truly on the way, we wanted to show you just how easy planning a gluten-free Christmas can be. We recently showed you how to make a gluten-free Christmas cake and how simple it is. So we thought that we would carry on the Christmas theme with some tips for […]

The Gluten Free Christmas Cake Everyone Will Love

OK, it’s December and I can now officially start talking about Christmas. So let’s kick off with what for many is the the most important festive item on the menu, the Christmas cake. However, spare a thought for those that can’t process gluten, will they feel left out if they can’t eat your carefully crafted […]

Purr With Joy At The Latest Viral Sensation – The Japanese Cat Water Cake!

Back in April, I shared news of the amazing Raindrop Cake. It was all over the Intertubes and had massive amount of shares, especially on Facebook and Twitter. How do you go one better than that? With the Japanese Cat Water Cake of course! First of all, lets remind ourselves of what the Raindrop Cake looked like… […]

Magic Cake, How To Make The Amazing Three Layer Dessert

The latest viral food sensation to dominate the Intertubes this week is Magic Cake. From what I’ve read, it it’s one of those ideas that never really goes away and becomes newsworthy every few years. However, I have to admit it’s the first time I’ve heard of it and once you’ve seen how it’s made, yeah […]

Could This Be The Best Chocolate Cake You Have Ever Seen?

While perusing the various foody groups I’m a member of on Facebook, I came across one posting that blew me away. If it’s still ok to describe food as being sexy then this cake is the partner of your dreams that fulfils your every need and desire and does so with a huge smile and a […]

“Freak Shake”, It Might Be The Most Insane Food Item Ever But You’ll Want One Anyway!

What’s a “freak shake”, you might ask? Let me indulge you. Imagine your run-of-the-mill, Plain Jane milkshake, then shoot it with steroids and tell it that it’s pretty. Ok, that’s not actually how Cinderella gets to the ball, but the end result would have you fooled. Restaurants and shops are serving these epic freak shakes up with goodies […]

The Latest Fad In Food, Darren Wong’s Raindrop Cake

It has almost zero calories, looks like a breast implant on a plate and has become the must have dessert almost everywhere! This Spring, the Raindrop Cake has conquered the food world! It has it’s own website, it’s on Instagram and it getting more and more talked about everyday (Buzzfeed, Popsugar, Metro UK and Slate – to […]

Enjoy Easter With A ‘Hot Cross Bun Mug Cake’ From Farmersgirl Kitchen!

We know that you can make all sorts of yummy things with a mug and a microwave. We’ve proved it in the past with  ‘One Mug, One Microwave And A Whole Bunch Of Great Recipes!‘ and ‘Microwave Meals In Mugs!‘. Considering that Easter is coming up this weekend, I thought I should mention yet another microwave recipe – […]