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Gluten Free Cooking, Top Tips You Need To Know

This infographic comes via SheKnows.com, and contains very useful information on removing gluten from your baking. If you have problems with gluten or cooking for someone who has, then these tips will be invaluable! Don’t forget to visit the link above as the author Mary McCoy lists some great gluten free recipes. We’ve also have plenty […]

Fresh Spring Desserts are Blooming!

The most amazing things happen during Spring. No matter if it’s foods or flowers, everything is colorful, fresh, new and delicious! My mission in life this time of year is to find the elusive Meyer Lemon. Meyer lemons are a citrus fruit native to China thought to be a cross between a lemon and either a mandarin […]

Apple and rhubarb muffins

This week I made some cranberry and white chocolate cup cakes for a friend’s birthday. The recipe called for buttermilk which I must admit is an ingredient I don’t often have to use. I now have half a pot of it left in the fridge and am wondering what to do with it! Rather than […]

Buttermilk pudding with cardamom strawberries

You can’t beat the smell and taste of fresh strawberries especially if you’ve grown them yourself. There are hundreds of strawberry recipes out there so I wanted to find something a little different to Eton mess and strawberry pavlova. So how about this idea for buttermilk pudding with cardamom strawberries? It is easy to make […]

Baking week: Irish soda bread

Irish Soda bread is so versatile, have it with real butter, part of a stew or with soup. It’s also really simple to make and needs only a few ingredients. Not only is it quick to make but you could let your kids have a go at making it, great for rainy afternoons. It took me […]