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Start Planning Ahead, The Day To Celebrate Dad Is Just Around the Corner!

It was only a short while ago that US mothers were honored for Mother’s Day. As a mother of three, I very much enjoyed breakfast in bed, beautiful flowers and not having to step foot in the kitchen for an entire day. It was a great day to catch up on reading, rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, Sunday […]

Easy And Delicious Browned Butter Berry Banana Muffins

Did you rush out the door again today with out eating breakfast? Did you stop at the coffee shop on your way to work, or getting your kids to school and grab “the usual”? What if “the usual” became something delicious, warm and perfect for on the go? The best part? It doesn’t take a million ingredients […]

How To Make Your Very Own Salted Caramel Popcorn

There’s something addictive about a sweet and salty combination. I love that the two flavours go so well together, and this definitely fits the bill when satisfying those cravings. I used Maldon Sea Salt for this since it has a thicker grain, but it’s still a little flaky (rather then a small rock). This helps […]

Celebrate National English Toffee Day!

Did you know that January 8th marks Nation English Toffee Day? We all love toffee and it’s various incarnations, and it’s really easy to make! I did a little digging and I found a nice and easy recipe from an English blog – A Touch Of Sugar… How to Make Toffee! This homemade toffee recipe is […]

Barbecued Or Boiled, Nothing is Better Than Corn On The Cob!

I love my weekend markets, it’s the time where I stock up on fresh vegetables. This time of year, it full of different coloured tomatoes, melons of various sizes and loads of strawberries. I had a good wander around this past Saturday, and when I arrived at my preferred stall I spotted something new – […]

Bread & butter pudding with orange and cardamom

This week I watched a programme called The Incredible Spice Men on BBC2. It was a great programme featuring Tony Singh and Cyrus Todiwala who ‘want to transform the way British dishes are cooked at home’. One dish in particular which caught my eye (among many) was a bread and butter pudding with orange and […]

Italian week: bread and butter pudding Gino D’Acampo style!

We kick off this new week with recipes that are Italian, or at least influenced by that great nation. Will we do pizza? Will we do spaghetti? You had better stay tuned this week and find out! To start us off is the popular and the far too good looking Gino D’Acampo. This young man has […]

Baking week: Bread and butter pudding for those chilly evenings

The whether is changing and the evenings are getting cooler. So what better way to warm yourself up than with a lovely bread and butter pudding! While the bread he uses appears to be from a sliced pack, I am sure you could use alternatives such as gluten free or whole meal. Choice is yours so experiment […]