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Are You Making Burgers With A Burger Press?

Do you use a burger press when you make your own burgers? One of the best ways to keep a burger together while cooking is to press it into shape. You could do it by hand but it’s much quicker with a handy gadget. Take a look at this one from Lakeland… As mentioned in […]

James Martin’s Summer Burger With Homemade Relish

The weekend is nearly here and if you are planning on cooking burgers then this video from James Martin should be of interest. Whether you’re making them in the kitchen or on the outside grill, this video is well worth watching. Yeah it is a promo for ASDA but all we’re interested in is James and his […]

Simple Burger Recipe For Australia Day

Happy Australia day to all our Australian visitors! It’s a big day for you guys, what with all the celebrations going on. You’ve got the Australia Day Honours list and the addressees from the Governor-General and the Prime Minister. Though the thing most will be looking forward to is having great food to eat with […]

Lucy’s favorite dishes from 2013

Looking through our posts from 2013 it is fairly hard for me to pick just three favorites! However, I have managed to decide on a starter, a main and a dessert and now I am properly hungry (well it is lunchtime as I am writing this!). Would any of my choices make it onto your […]

Carrot, Cumin and Kidney Bean Burger

BBQ season is still in full swing but what if you fancy something a little different with a vegetarian twist? Today’s recipe for carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers comes from a blogger called Jack that we found via greatbritishchefs.com. Amazingly these burgers can be made for a miniscule 9p per burger – great for those on a […]

Pork burger with brie and pesto

So it’s June tomorrow and summer is apparently around the corner – although with the weather as it is currently in the UK you could easily be fooled into thinking it’s still winter! So to cheer me up and hopefully to cheer our readers up I thought I’d look for some burger ideas for when […]

Kids – A cracking burger!

Jamie Oliver has some great 15-minute recipes in his latest TV show/book. Today’s recipe is for a cracking burger and is made by 9 year old Oscar in the following video to prove that kids can get in the kitchen and whip up somethingn delicious for the whole family. It’s a fairly lengthy video but I love Oscar as […]

USA Special: How to create the perfect burger

Today is the Presidential Election in the United States of America, tomorrow will be the final announcement. A lot of voting has already take place and may not be complete due to the effects of hurricane Sandy. While you are waiting to see who has won, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, why not cook up something that […]