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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Broad Beans On Toast

If fancy something wholesome and rather tasty for lunch then you should give this broad bean recipe a go. My local market veg stalls have been selling broad beans for the last few weeks. If you’ve not seen them yet then you will very soon. Unless you have been growing your own, you local market […]

Broad beans with pata negra ham

A good cured ham can be absolutely delicious and there are many ways of using it – simply on its own, as part many different tapas dishes or in a salad to name but a few. The recipe for today uses pata negra ham (also referred to as Iberian ham) which is a type of […]

Pea & broad bean houmous with goat’s cheese, a great combination for summer

I love creating stuff for my kitchen. I already have 5 bottles of flavoured oil. Creating your own mayonnaise might be a bit more difficult but creating a lovely summer topping to bread is easy. One of the easiest is houmous, a spread or dip originating from the Middle East and Arabic countries. Normally houmous is made from chickpeas (houmous […]