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Apple Crumble with Portuguese Firewater, Taking An English Favourite One Step Further!

  One thing I like the most about baking/cooking is to try recipes from other countries, and at the end, if it’s possible, add a Portuguese taste. That’s what happened with my apple crumble recipe. Original from United Kingdom during the World War II, since crumbles were an economic way to safe ingredients and an […]

Festive Friday: Eggnog

When I was young my parents would make themselves Eggnog as a special festive drink. I have always considered it a Christmas cocktail but sadly,  it seems not to be fashionable any more. Well let’s change that! Let’s bring back some of the older Christmas drinks this year, Eggnog is a perfect start because not only […]

Christmas Desserts: Gingerbread-Brandy Trifle

We end this special week of Christmas Desserts with a show-stopping Gingerbread-Brandy Trifle. This luscious dessert marries layers of gingerbread cake, chopped crystallized ginger, and a creamy filling spiked with brandy, sparkling wine, and black tea. If you don’t want it to be boozie then that’s fine, just omit the brandy and use a non-alcoholic […]