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Enjoy Summer’s End With These Creative Blackberry Recipes

I have great memories of being a kid and going out with my family to go fruit picking. We would try and fill the plastic bags that we carried with as many blackberries as possible but the thorny bushes would always make it difficult. Even a half full bag would feel like a triumph! While […]

Nigel Slater’s Simple Fruity Ice Cream

In this video, Nigel puts together an easy ice cream with apricots, meringue and a black berry compote. At no point is a blender or ice cream maker used. It’s hand blended to create a lovely swirly pattern of black berry compote. Extra texture is provided by crunched up meringue. If you can wait the […]

Blackberry & Coconut Parfait

As we enter September it’s a great time to get hold of some blackberries – either by picking your own from local hedgerows or buying them from your local farm shop or supermarket. There are a heap of recipes out there using this wonderful berry including lots of blackberry and apple crumbles! However, I came […]

Blackberry gin

Blackberries are at their best in September and they are packed with Vitamins C and K. There are many ways in which to use blackberries including crumbles, jellies and sometimes made into wine. However, I thought I’d post something a little different today with this gin recipe. A great way to warm your cockles on a […]