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“Sunday Dinner” Fried Chicken | Mother’s Day Brunch in the Southern US

Being a true “Southerner” in the US (meaning one who was born and lives below the Mason Dixon line), we have many, MANY dishes and recipes that belong exclusively to us. First and foremost, would be grits. A very close second to grits, would be chicken biscuits and gravy. This is a true Southern staple. […]

Great British Bake Off – Biscuit Week

This week is all about biscuits and first up is Biscotti which originated in Italy. These are twice baked biscuits and the contestants are tasked with making 24 of them of identical size. As usual all the contestants are going for different flavours including Alvin who is using Jackfruit (I’d never heard of this fruit […]

Mary Berry’s Florentines

Last week was biscuit week on the Great British Bake Off and one of the challenges was Mary asking the bakers to replicate her delicious Florentine biscuits. Quite a tricky one this…what on earth do you do when someone asks you to zigzag the bottoms?! All is revealed in her recipe. Be careful when you weigh […]

Do You Love The Nations Favourite Biscuit? Make Your Own Jammie Dodgers At Home!

Jammie Dodger biscuits, don’t you just love them? Those lovely jam filled shortbread treats are great with a cup of tea, coffee – well any drink really, or on their own… Basically, everyone loves them. But are you aware of these amazing facts? They were named after Roger the Dodger from The Beano comics They have been in production […]

Gingerbread reindeer biscuits

I can’t remember how I stumbled across this genius idea or in fact who told me about it but I am loving this idea where you turn a gingerbread man cutter upside down and voila…you have instant reindeer heads! Quite brilliant. So today’s recipe is for the gingerbread biscuits. You can then customise your reindeers […]

Nigel Slater’s spelt biscuits

Before I tried this recipe from Nigel Slater I had never heard of spelt flour which has a slightly sweet and nutty flavour. In fact, when I was at the shops buying it I was amazed by the number of different flours there were – I’m so used to just buying plain or self-raising! I’ve […]

Make Valentines day special by making something yourself

Valentines day is approaching, are you ready? If  in the next few days you have some private time in the kitchen, why not try making something for your ‘someone special’? It’s great to buy something, it means you took the time to chose a meaningful present. However, I think it means even more if you […]