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How To Carve, 7 Great Videos Show You How

You’ve spent a long time cooking that perfect roast. However, whose going to be carving it up?  If it looks like you’ll be the one wielding the knife then you better check out these videos. Knowing how to carve is an important skill whether you’re having pork, chicken, turkey or beef. Making the right cuts and getting the most out […]

Warm Up Those Chilly Evenings With A Hearty Stew

I love a good stew, nothing warms you up better on a chilly evening. Good hearty flavours that you can smell all over the house. One of the things I like about them is that once you have finished the preparation, you can leave it to the oven to take over and do the rest. A good […]

For A Great Pot Roast, Quality Makes All The Difference

Sadly, summer in my part of the world has come to an end. I’m now facing cold mornings, warm afternoons and chilly evenings. Though the warm afternoons are not going to last long. Right now as I look out out of my window, I can see a cloudless blue sky inviting me outside. For now, I shall stay […]

Rosie’s Beef tongue and mushroom Pies

It’s Food Blogger Friday and we are back with Rosie from Rosie’s Kitchen. This time we take a look at her comprehensive recipe for Beef tongue and mushroom pie. When I say comprehensive – loads of photo’s and she even explains how to make great pastry (there’s even a video for that!). Beef tongue is not something […]

Heston Blumenthal’s Minced beef & dumplings

I ate this minced beef and dumplings dish at Mum’s today for lunch. It was absolutely delicious! Mum said that it was quite a fiddly recipe to put together and there certainly are a lot of ingredients but believe me it was well worth it as the beef was so tender and flavoursome. Here’s what […]

Speedy beef stroganoff

Today’s recipe is for speedy beef stroganoff and comes courtesy of Waitrose. There are many variations of stroganoff but this recipe is easy to make and quick – perfect for a mid-week supper. I’ve had a look at the origins of stroganoff and have found the following… Beef Stroganoff or Beef Stroganov is a Russian […]

Pot Au feu, Hot And Hearty The French Way

According to chef Raymond Blanc, pot-au feu is, “the quintessence of French family cuisine, it is the most celebrated dish in France. It honours the tables of the rich and poor alike.” Traditionally the recipe uses low-cost cuts of beef that need long cooking – such as oxtail and marrowbone, vegetables such as carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, and onions and spices such as bouquet garni, salt, black pepper and cloves. In […]

Kids – A cracking burger!

Jamie Oliver has some great 15-minute recipes in his latest TV show/book. Today’s recipe is for a cracking burger and is made by 9 year old Oscar in the following video to prove that kids can get in the kitchen and whip up somethingn delicious for the whole family. It’s a fairly lengthy video but I love Oscar as […]

Thai Week: Crispy chilli beef with broccoli

Continuing with our Thai Week I’ve found a really vibrant and healthy recipe for crispy chilli beef with broccoli. It’s taken from the BBC Good Food website and was featured in Olive magazine – a particular favorite read of mine. This is really easy and quick to make in just six steps. Ingredients needed for […]

Indian Week: Beef & Banana Curry

Today’s Beef & Banana Curry comes courtesy of my Auntie Sarah all the way over in Australia. I’ve eaten this a couple of times when I’ve visited and it is absolutely delicious so I’m very honoured to have been passed on the recipe. A couple of tips from her would be to use a very […]