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In To Noodle Recipes? Then You’ll Love Beef & Broccoli!

It seems I’ve become hooked on chinese noodle recipes. I love the fact that you can have a lovely bowl of spicy noodles with or without meat in no time at all. One ingredient I’m really into is broccoli, just seems to go well with whatever else you use, like pork or fish. Even without meat, […]

Korean Beef And Rice – Great Asian Flavours For Any Day Of The Week

I love food that’s simple to make and packs great flavour, that’s why I’m sharing this lovely Korean Beef and Rice dish. It comes from The Six Sister’s Stuff blog, which features posts that are actually from 6 related sisters! I came across the video and recipe via my Facebook feed and immediately wanted to give […]

Jack Daniels As An Ingredient? Sure, Here’s Three Great Reason Why…

Should you use Jack Daniels as an ingredient? For that matter, should whisky be used at all? Some may argue that it’s wasted when used in a recipe. But is it really? After all, we use good quality red and white wines in recipes. I think it should be used where it enhances the dish and […]

Rachel Khoo’s Hearty Boeuf Bourguignon

The weekend is upon us once again, so it’s time for a hearty meal that’s easy to make. The recipe I’ve selected is ‘Boeuf Bourguignon’ by Rachel Khoo. It looks fairly easy to make as there’s little prep and it spends most of it’s cooking time in the oven. Rachel adds a little twist to her […]

How To Make The Cornish Pasty, The Lunchtime Filler!

Recently, I’ve been favouring recipes that are more suited to evening meals. I guess that’s mainly due to last weeks sausage week and Bonfire night. So I’ve kinda been ignoring hot and filling lunch time ideas. If you’ve been out working in the cold then something to warm you up again would be most welcome! You could […]

Nigel Slater’s Beef And Beer Casserole – A Perfect Weekend Warmer

This weekend, I want you to try a dish from Nigel Slater. It’s a perfect weekend warmer that’s full of flavour and really not that difficult to make. And best of all it’s got beer in it! I picked his beef and beer recipe because of the simplicity of the ingredients but also because it’s not your […]

5 Great Recipes For Asparagus Lovers Everywhere!

Seeing asparagus at my local market is a reassuring sign that summer is on it’s way. The vegetable stalls are still packed with large bundles of it, bright green sticks fresh from the fields. However, there are two problems… the season for it is relatively short most people are not really sure what to do with it! […]

Slow Cooker Ropa Vieja Stuffed Sweet Potato

Little fact about me that everyone might not know is… I LOVE BRAISED MEAT. I mean, I freaking love it. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods. It’s moist (I know how people love that descriptor), it falls apart effortlessly, it melts in your mouth, and it’s pure meaty rich delicious goodness. If I’m at […]

Bipolar Weather and Classic Beef Stroganoff

Just 48 hours ago I was sitting outside with the warm sun shining down upon my face, a slight breeze from the North brushing across my shoulder and a salted Margarita in hand. Now. It is snowing. Again. The only answer I have is layers…lots and lots of layers. Mother Nature, I implore you… TAKE YOUR MEDS!!! […]

Three Stews To Keep You Warm During Cold And Wintry Days

The East Coast of the USA is suffering from snow storms, the UK is decidedly chilly and here in France – well oddly it’s quite warm at 15c. Still, the evenings are cold and heart warming food is still the order the day. So, with that in mind, I’ve been taking a look at Stews To […]