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5 Amazing Meat Free BBQ Recipes You Should Be Cooking This Summer!

When it comes to BBQ’s, it can be very easy to ignore the various vegetarian options. The common misconception is that vegan and vegetarian recipes are boring, lentils and beans are always involved and often lacking in flavour. Not everyone wants to eat meat all the time and for those who have made it a way of life, it can be […]

How To Make The Most Delicious Sweet Smokey BBQ Sauce

Oh yes, it’s that time again my dear friends… time to fire up the grill and start barbecuing. We love it here, and typically (as the weather warms up) tend to barbecue three to four nights a week. We love to make pizzas, chicken, dessert, fruit, you name it: we’ve probably done it. Funny story: […]

Three Simple Barbecue Recipes From Nigel Slater

It’s still barbecue season, just about, and we have three great ideas from Nigel Slater. If you appreciate his uncomplicated manner and his many comfort food recipes then you are going to enjoy his barbecue ideas. I love the way he keeps it simple yet ensures there’s plenty of flavour… Barbecue Rabbit Barbecue spicy lamb […]

5 Great Barbecue Fish Recipes To Try This Summer

It’s amazing just how good barbecued fish can be. It’s really not that difficult, just a matter of being well prepared. I’ve been diving through YouTube to bring you some of the best ideas. Lets start with a great video from Allrecipes.com, an introduction to grilling fish… Staying with AllRecipes, everything you need to know […]

Barbecued Or Boiled, Nothing is Better Than Corn On The Cob!

I love my weekend markets, it’s the time where I stock up on fresh vegetables. This time of year, it full of different coloured tomatoes, melons of various sizes and loads of strawberries. I had a good wander around this past Saturday, and when I arrived at my preferred stall I spotted something new – […]

Lovely grilled plums with maple syrup

If I had known about this grilled plum recipe when we were covering barbecue food then it would of been featured. However, it’s here now for you to try out. This is a nice and simple recipe that requires you to grill fresh plums, at this time of year your barbecue would be ideal but […]

Jamie Oliver’s Barbecue Sweet Corn

Barbecue season is often thought of as burgers, sausages and other meats. That’s all very well but let’s not forget those who are vegetarian. To be honest, even though I eat meat, these barbecued sweet corns are lovely and wonderful and the colours just inspire. Vegetarian or not, barbecued sweet corn would make a great addition […]