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Weekend Challenge: It’s Time To Make Banana Bread!

Everybody loves banana’s, well just about everybody. They’re great as quick snacks, perfect for breakfast and they’re really really healthy! And one last attribute you may not be aware of, they are radioactive. Don’t believe me? Wikipedia says… Bananas are naturally slightly radioactive, more so than most other fruits, because of their potassium content and […]

Apple Crumble: 5 Great Alternative Ideas You Need To Know

Nothing beats warm apple crumble, a hot bowl of traditional English pudding served with either ice cream or custard. I’m sure we all have fond childhood memories of mum or granny cooking crumble in the kitchen and the wonderful smells filling the whole house. Made you want to rush through dinner just so you could […]

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Banana & Carrot Pancakes

    Looking for an intolerance-friendly brekky idea? Something that’s gluten-free but also made from whole grains, to keep you and the kids fuller for longer? Then this is the one for you! Hidden vegetables? Tick. Fruit as a natural, high fibre sweetener? Tick. No dairy but still light and fluffy? Tick, tick and tick. […]

Drunken Banana Cobbler – A Great Guest Post by Kim Williams

    It’s Sunday. I’m home alone.  What to do, what to do? I meander through the house, stumble into the kitchen and I spot them.  Overripe bananas! I could make banana bread but that is so cliche!  I look around the room, and bam!  An unopened bottle of Original Spiced Captain Morgan rum.  I […]

Easy And Delicious Browned Butter Berry Banana Muffins

Did you rush out the door again today with out eating breakfast? Did you stop at the coffee shop on your way to work, or getting your kids to school and grab “the usual”? What if “the usual” became something delicious, warm and perfect for on the go? The best part? It doesn’t take a million ingredients […]

Make Your Own Yummy Breakfast: Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats

I’ve always been a cereal lover. Cold milk and crunchy, sweet cereal really have their way of refreshing me in the morning. But I have to say, lately I’ve started completely avoiding the cereal isle at the grocery store. All of these “good-for-you” cereals parading around like they’re curing cancer and preventing your future children […]

Nigel Slater’s Black Banana Cake

Do you often find you have over-ripe bananas left in your fruit bowl that you don’t know what to do with? Well why not try this Nigel Slater recipe for black banana bread which uses chocolate chips to make it even more yummy! This loaf cake makes enough for 8 people (if you are willing […]

When Is The Best Time To Eat A Banana To Get The Full Health Benefits?

When it comes to banana’s, we all assume that when they’re yellow it’s the best time to eat them. In the past I’ve bought them and eaten them when they are blemish free. However, that’s not the best time to eat them, not if you want the full health benefits. According to the Healthy Food […]

Easy Passion Fruit Soufflé With Caramelised Banana’s

Soufflé’s are normally regarded as being very difficult. Some recipes are a little complicated or require lots of practice. This one by James Martin is fairly straight forward to follow as can be seen in the video below. The ingredients include ready made custard, passion fruit and bananas. As James mentions in the video, ensure […]

Banana and passion-fruit loaf

This weekend I felt the need to do some baking! The following is a delish recipe for banana and passion-fruit loaf which some of my colleagues at work tried out for me – I think the result was positive as I came home with an empty tin! I took some pictures along the way as […]