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Amazing Oreo Recipes That You Will Want To Try – Again And Again!

You should be excited about Oreo’s, as they are quite possibly the most versatile ingredient for desserts and treats. I didn’t realise just hope popular the cookie (if you are in the USA)/biscuit (if you are in the UK) was as an ingredient until I did a search. Here’s some of what I found, far […]

6 Great Cookie Recipes That You Should Be Trying Right Now

Cookies are always popular, and it seems especially so at this time of year. Lots of great foodie blogs are sharing lovely recipes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be making your own. Here’s a small selection to get you inspired, all great recipes that you will want to try out. My favourite is the Gingersnap […]

The Great British Bake Off: Challengers Tested On Their Bread Baking Skills

Week three and it’s bread week. All that kneading, proving and baking is sure to get some of the contestants into a doughy mess. The first signature challenge is for each person to make two quick breads. This is made without yeast and so bicarbonate of soda/baking powder and buttermilk are needed in order to […]

How To Line A Baking Tin Perfectly Every Time

Parchment paper is the saviour of bakers everywhere. It stops food from sticking to the tin, tray or pan – allows you to lift out your hard work with ease. However not everyone finds it easy! Thankfully those helpful guys at Food52.com have a foolproof way of folding the paper and you don’t need a […]

Classic Scones With Jam And Clotted Cream

Classic scones are great to make if you have unexpected guests descend upon you and you aren’t prepared. Using basic store cupboard ingredients you can have these tasty scones on the table in 20 minutes. Perfect with jam and butter warm out of the oven. If you want to push the boat out then dollop […]

Can You Really Make The Perfect Naan Bread?

Naan bread – we all love it and for many it’s something we want to try and make ourselves. Being as it’s an Indian thing, actually making it as authentic as possible is not easy. It always ends up a compromise. Baking powder instead of wild yeast, plain flour or a mix with plain and bread […]

GBBO Episode 7: Pasties, Pastries And Eclairs!

For all of you who unfortunately endure a gluten intolerance, suffer from a wheat allergy or baked goods makes you bloat, ooer –  this episode may not be for you as it’s all about pastry. The first challenge, the signature, was to produce 12 savoury parcels, all perfectly formed and beautifully browned – the cast of TOWIE […]

GBBO Episode 5: All About Tarts And Timing

Tick Tock, 60 minutes and we’re counting down. It’s all about time this week in the Great British Bake Off tent. 59 minutes left. After the drama of last week there are only seven bakers left to compete in the large white tent, I won’t explain, we all know what happened. The signature dish was […]

GBBO Episode 3: Of Wigs, Spices And Buns – Baking Week

A good baker will rise to the occasion, it’s the yeast he can do. How do you get a baker into bed? Seeduction! No need to be leaven town, loaf around instead and catch week three of the Great British Bake Off and bread week. We are bread to sin, only if you like the […]

Enjoy Afternoon Tea With Scottish Shortbread

Scotland is famous for many things, like kilts, haggis and David Tennant. They are also well known as great Rugby players, let’s hope they win their match against Italy this coming Saturday! But what about baking? One thing that I love that is traditionally Scottish is Shortbread. I am sure most people who take a […]