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Posts tagged baking week 2012

Baking week: Ginger Marble Cake Bars

I recently made these Ginger Marble Cake Bars and was very pleased with the results. Simple to make and no cooking involved which is always a bonus…you just have to wait for them to chill in the fridge (that’s the hardest part!). I love ginger and these Cake Bars use ginger nut biscuits and also […]

Baking week: Keith Floyd and Groaty Dick pudding

Forget your TV chefs, Gordon Ramsay, Raymond Blanc and Jamie Oliver. There was only ever one true TV chef and that’s Keith Floyd. Sadly this great chef died in September 2009 but he has inspired so many over the years. In this clip which was filmed in 1988, he is in the kitchen of Joan from […]

Baking week: Cheese and vegetable quiche

In todays recipe, we feature the easy to make quiche. The beauty of a quiche is that they can be made with either the best that you can buy or what ever you have left around. You can make them with sea food, leftover chicken or just lovely vegetables. But always with great tasting cheese! […]

Baking week: peanut butter & jam brownies

Since we started blogging for our Cookery Ideas website I must admit I have been looking forward to doing a baking week! Obviously I love to cook but most of all I love to bake. Most of my efforts do end up in the work place for my friends to sample and today’s recipe is one which I made […]

Baking week: Irish soda bread

Irish Soda bread is so versatile, have it with real butter, part of a stew or with soup. It’s also really simple to make and needs only a few ingredients. Not only is it quick to make but you could let your kids have a go at making it, great for rainy afternoons. It took me […]

Baking week: Bread and butter pudding for those chilly evenings

The whether is changing and the evenings are getting cooler. So what better way to warm yourself up than with a lovely bread and butter pudding! While the bread he uses appears to be from a sliced pack, I am sure you could use alternatives such as gluten free or whole meal. Choice is yours so experiment […]