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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Broad Beans On Toast

If fancy something wholesome and rather tasty for lunch then you should give this broad bean recipe a go. My local market veg stalls have been selling broad beans for the last few weeks. If you’ve not seen them yet then you will very soon. Unless you have been growing your own, you local market […]

Great Last Minute Suggestions For Father’s Day

Seeing as Father’s Day is right upon us, I thought I’d have a quick dig through the archive and see if there were any recipes that would be suitable. Especially for those who leave things till the last minute! If you wanted to do something big, then this recipe by Melissa (Start Planning Ahead, The Day […]

How To Make Your Own Super Fast Guacamole – Plus Serving Suggestions!

  This perfectly creamy guacamole takes less than five minutes to whizz together. BOOM! Have it on courgetti, on toast, with breakfast or straight off the spoon; it’s versatile and it’s yours. Have it on green leaves at breakfast if you’re opting for a carb-free/paleo option. It will act as a thick dressing for the […]

The Perfect Snack – Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potatoes With A Fabulous Dip

Bacon, one of the world’s most favourite food items. It’s versatile, has an addictive flavour and the most debated when it comes to the correct way of cooking it. So anything that has bacon in it is going to be of interest. And that’s one of the reasons why this recipe by UK food blogger Whitney at Whitty Paleo […]

The Ultimate Side Dish? Check Out The Fully Loaded Baked Potato Salad!

Welcome back to another week my sweet friends! I can’t believe the warm weather looks like it’s going to stay. That’s so exciting, because with warm weather comes bonfires, enjoying outside, backyard barbecues, and great memories to come. It also means that while someone may be grilling something up, you still have one questions: what […]

Why The Fuss Over Hasselback Potatoes? One Video And Three Great Recipes That Explain All!

Have you heard of the term ‘Hasselback’ before? I’m sure you’ve seen Hasselback potatoes mentioned by various posh foodie sites and magazines but do you know what that actually means and where the term comes from? And why are foodies so excited by them? The original term ‘Hasselback’ comes from luxurious Hasselbacken hotel and restaurant in Stockholm. […]

Cauliflower For Breakfast? Check This Out Before Saying No!

I love cauliflower, I use it in curries, Chinese dishes and quite often have it with a thick cheese sauce. But the idea of serving it for breakfast has never struck me as something I would want to do, until now that is. Kim from Cauliflower Eats has submitted her recipe for Sunshine Cauliflower Rice Breakfast Bowl. You’ll notice it […]

5 Grilled Sandwiches You Should Try Right Now

It is safe to say that bread has been around for thousands of years. The idea of turning flour and water in to something edible pre-dates the early Egyptians. It really has been around that long. As much as we would like to think that the Earl Of Sandwich took two slices and some meats and […]

Celebrate International Bacon Day, 11 Fabulous Ideas For You To Try

Today, August 31st is – International Bacon Day!! And we have the residents of Crag (Bedford, Massachusetts) to thank for that. It was their idea back in 2000. We want to celebrate bacon too by sharing with you some really top ideas that use bacon as the star ingredient. Here are 11 inspired bacon recipes […]

Is This The Bacon Recipe That Rules Them All?

I was cruising around the web looking for interesting things to pin on our various Pinterest boards. Then I spotted the latest innovation in bacon treats. We all love bacon, it’s like one of the main stays of life. Who isn’t cheered up by lovely crunchy bacon? Just the smell of bacon cooking can make […]