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The Prawn Cocktail You Should Be Eating This Summer

  Smashed avocado with chilli, little gem lettuce, lime and olive oil makes the perfect bed for a load of fat, juicy king prawns. Got a fork? Gone are the days of the Marie Rose laden prawn cocktail in a dessert glass – yes it served us well in the ’70s and will always remain […]

Super Foods of Spring And Summer

It’s about that time of the year when we begin to think about big water, summer and swimsuits! I have to admit, it’s not exactly my favorite time of the year. I much prefer meals of bread, wine and pasta, and then the baggy sweatshirts of winter to cover it all up.¬†Alas, there can be […]

Smashed avacado with crispy chicken

I refuse to come to terms with the fact it’s almost September and that horrible feeling of autumn being just around the corner. It’s still the summer so let’s celebrate with this wonderful recipe for smashed avacado with crispy chicken, pickled onions and tortillas.¬†This recipe is both colourful and flavourful and is great for picnics, […]