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Make Baba Ghanoush This Summer, The Perfect Dip For Sharing

Have you ever heard of Baba Ghanoush? It’s a dip or a spread, or a spread that’s also a dip – it’s how ever you like it! The recipe is Arabic in origin and when translated it means “pampered papa” or “coy daddy”. The main ingredient is roasted aubergine, also known as eggplant. It’s perfect […]

Something for vegetarian’s, baked aubergines

I’ve just come back from my local Saturday market, loads of great seasonal fruit and veg. PackedĀ amongstĀ the cabbages, carrots and onions are aubergines. The more I cook with them the more I like them. Recently I tried a variation of the aubergine curry that we mention way back in our Indian week. Seeing as they […]

Indian Week: Aubergine curry

Yes this is a recipe for a curry. However it is one that vegetarians can enjoy as well as any one else who likes aubergines. The secret to this dish is in the preparation, getting the spices toasted to release their flavours. Don’t forget that you can still buy your aubergines from your local market. […]