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Korean Beef And Rice – Great Asian Flavours For Any Day Of The Week

I love food that’s simple to make and packs great flavour, that’s why I’m sharing this lovely Korean Beef and Rice dish. It comes from The Six Sister’s Stuff blog, which features posts that are actually from 6 related sisters! I came across the video and recipe via my Facebook feed and immediately wanted to give […]

How To Cook Perfect Rice Time After Time

How good are you at cooking perfect rice? Does it come out right time after time? Chef Jet Tila (whose full name is actually Jet Tilakamonkul) knows how to cook rice, he is chef of two US restaurants and has appeared on many TV programs – like Iron Chef America. So he should know what he’s […]

In Need Of A Good Winter Soup? Five Chicken Recipes To Check Out!

I love a good winter soup when it’s cold outside. I do what I can to use fresh seasonal vegetables but I don’t often blend them, which is the tendency for many. Sometimes, I just chop up the ingredients rather small, sometimes I get out the potato masher and squish them a bit. It’s all about the flavour and […]

This Asian Inspired Recipe Should Change Your Mind About Sprouts!

If you were presented with a plate of sprouts, would you eat one? Most people would say no. For some reason, the humble sprout has become one of those vegetables we are least likely to eat. However, did you know that, ‘Sprouts contain high levels of vitamins A and C, folic acid and dietary fibre, […]

5 Great Soup Ideas To Warm You Up

The thing about soup is that it’s as simple or as complex as you want it.  From a simple leek and potato that makes the best use of winter veg to the more hands on like ox tail or the more detailed minestrone. I’ve always loved a good flavoured bowl of goodness and never restricted […]

Tuna steaks with cucumber, soy and lime dressing

The humble cucumber – great in salads or even for using as a beauty treatment placed over your eyes! Currently in season this popular fruit comes in three varieties – slicing, pickling and burpless. You may laugh at the ‘burpless’ variety but it really does exist! They are sweeter, have a thinner skin and are […]

Thai Week: Chicken Pad Thai

I’ve tried Chicken Pad Thai during my trips to Thailand and it’s one of my faves – it’s delicious! It’s found on every menu and even from the street vendors. The combination of chicken, noodles and peanuts along with the beautiful spices is a real winner but if you don’t like chicken I have eaten it with prawns which […]