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Nigel Slater’s Beef And Beer Casserole – A Perfect Weekend Warmer

This weekend, I want you to try a dish from Nigel Slater. It’s a perfect weekend warmer that’s full of flavour and really not that difficult to make. And best of all it’s got beer in it! I picked his beef and beer recipe because of the simplicity of the ingredients but also because it’s not your […]

Apple Crumble: 5 Great Alternative Ideas You Need To Know

Nothing beats warm apple crumble, a hot bowl of traditional English pudding served with either ice cream or custard. I’m sure we all have fond childhood memories of mum or granny cooking crumble in the kitchen and the wonderful smells filling the whole house. Made you want to rush through dinner just so you could […]

Sweet And Savoury Apple And Sausage Waffles

There is something so simple or so complex about ‘the waffle’. There are about a million and one different ways to make them… they are great for breakfast, brunch and dinner, and can be manipulated into a decadent dessert (don’t believe me? check out my Chocolate Brownie Waffle). But i have to say there is […]

Apple Crumble with Portuguese Firewater, Taking An English Favourite One Step Further!

  One thing I like the most about baking/cooking is to try recipes from other countries, and at the end, if it’s possible, add a Portuguese taste. That’s what happened with my apple crumble recipe. Original from United Kingdom during the World War II, since crumbles were an economic way to safe ingredients and an […]

Refreshing And Healthy Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

It’s like a burst of fresh air has blown through our home! I love spring and it’s coming in beautifully now. The windows are open, the days are warm and I’m able to get my flips flops out, and I’m trying to get outside as much as I can. I love bringing Hazel (my youngest daughter) […]

Loving Love | Caramel Apple Macadamia Nut Pie

I just love love. Don’t you just love, love? Valentine’s Day one of the best holidays of the year. I love all holidays and in true fashion, no holiday is ever celebrated less than a week. Yes, an entire week. Did you know you can make your own holiday rules? You can. My rules for Valentine’s […]

Heat Up The Oven, It’s Time To Make A Lovely Pie!

  Nothing really compares to a freshly cooked pie fresh from the oven. Hot pastry, the filling steaming away and the unbearable desire to dive straight in! For those who can control themselves, a well crafted pie impresses friends and family. It shows dedication and skill in the craft of baking. I understand the need for pie, […]

Breakfast, Top Five Suggestions On Starting The Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s not something you should skip. It sets you up for the day and gives you the energy to see you through till lunch. I’m very much in to Greek yoghurt with honey at the moment. Sometimes I’ll have a light omelet, it depends on available […]

Apple Flapjack Crumble

The humble apple – so many varieties and with hundreds of ways to use them it is difficult to choose what to post! Cox’ apples are in season this month and are a really flavoursome eating apple which are great to use in cooking too. Maybe you are lucky enough to have your own tree in the […]

Savoury apple crumble

We are now in October and apples are great this time of year. Whether you are lucky enough to have your own orchard, a couple of trees or just rely on your local market or supermarket for your supply, there are hundreds of recipes which feature apples. You may think this recipe from Nigel Slater for […]