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Six Nations Party Drinks!

drinksWill you be watching the Six Nations with friends? Fancy making some cocktails to go with the snacks which were featured yesterday? I’ve found a two cocktails from thebar.com website which should keep everyone warm on the inside and a non-alcoholic option from the BBC Food website.

baileys latteThe first is for a Baileys Latte which is lovely and creamy whilst only using a few ingredients. This should pep anyone up who may feel a little sleepy!

Smirnoff screwdriverThe next is for a more refreshing cocktail – a Smirnoff Screwdriver! Apparently this was made more popular thanks to the US TV series Mad Men.

homemade lemonadeAnd lastly how about a homemade lemonade for the tee-totallers, drivers and children at your party? Very refreshing! This comes courtesy of the BBC Food website.

Do you have a favourite tipple which you will be enjoying at your Six Nations party? Let us know in the comments…

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