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More Scary Halloween Recipes That Your Little Monsters Will Love

halloween recipes

Halloween is only days away now. Either you’re very excited about the whole thing or you’re hoping it will all go away. it seems that most kids love it though, especially if they are getting free sweets out of it and can dress up as their favourite character!

For those who are looking forward to it, I’ve got a Jamie Oliver video where he does an appalling accent – and I’ve got three Halloween recipes for you to look at as well. Do check out the purple spaghetti recipe!

If you one of those trying to ignore Halloween, this is my last post about it until next year. Promise! In the meantime, let’s start with Jamie Oliver and his poor attempt at impersonating a vampire…

Apart from the dry ice, uplighters and poor accent’s, the recipe itself is just a matter of dumping ingredients into a bowl. Simple enough and I’m sure kids will love it.

I’ve selected three great halloween recipes, varied in nature but all look good to eat…

Haunted Halloween Ghosts – Shockingly Delicious

Not to rest on our past laurels, though, we’re back today with the easiest, sweetiest (yes, that can be a word), lightest little Halloween treats ever to hit your party table. These are going to look so cute scaring the rest of the dessert goodies away.

Gluten Free Halloween Emoji Cookies – Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

With Halloween coming up I thought it would be fun to create something fun/spooky & edible. After much deliberation… I decided on Gluten Free Halloween Emoji Cookies! Essentially pumpkin shaped emoji cookies that are both gluten free & dairy free. Mwhahaha

Halloween Spaghetti – Mrs Happy Homemaker

The other day I saw this idea for Halloween Spaghetti on Pinterest & I decided to make it for dinner that night, much to the delight of my creepy & crawly loving 6 year old son. The best thing about this – well, other than the obvious creepy factor – is how easy it is! I mean, you don’t even need a recipe.

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