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Save The BBC’s Recipe Archive, Join The Petition Now!


Have you heard about the UK Governments latest cost cutting plans for the BBC?

Ministers are planning to axe several ‘soft’ elements of the broadcaster’s output, including travel advice and ‘magazine’ style features. But the most shocking casualty will be the removal of most of its cooking recipes, which range from a humble burger to a painfully fashionable kale and quinoa sauté.

The vast BBC Food library of over 11,000 recipes will reportedly be “scythed” from the broadcaster’s site – a phrase that conjures images of decapitated broccoli heads, or a lasagne with all but the bottom layer brutally hacked away.

That quote comes from Louise Ridley of the Huffington Post. She goes on to explain the consequences of the planned action and what it means. It’s a good read.

I’ve used the BBC website for recipes and ideas, we’ve mentioned quite a few here on this site. And I’m sure that millions have also learnt to cook all sorts of recipes using it, from the basic to the complicated. It has become almost like an essential resource for anyone exploring the world of food.

I do not want to see the site cut back, I do not want to see the loss of 11,000 recipes – not everyone can afford cookbooks. If you feel the same way and want to do something about it then please put your name to this petition…

Save the BBC’s recipe archive!

This is a much loved and used website and a precious resource for people across the country providing easy, free and importantly independent information on a vast range of foods and recipe options. The database provides inspiration for those with a few ingredients to come up with meal ideas and cook from scratch. When the Government is trying to promote healthy eating, surely it is madness to remove such a comprehensive archive which has taken years to create, not to mention time and money.

Whilst maintaining and developing it undoubtedly takes investment, simply retaining the archive in its current form is surely not an overly expensive task, especially measured against the meagre cost savings and the loss to the community, as evidenced by the outcry on social media.

Please support the petition and lets try and keep the BBC Food Library online and free!

UPDATE – Tuesday 17th

The Independent has an article that discusses which services are actually being closed.

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7 Responses to 'Save The BBC’s Recipe Archive, Join The Petition Now!'

  1. Wendy Roberts says:

    Please BBC think again !!
    Find an alternative – PLEASE!!

  2. Ruth Campbell says:

    Remove a lot of the sport archive instead.That would create a huge space for our recipes.Food is much more relevant than sport!

  3. C. Wardlaw says:

    An excellent website and so useful. If the BBC wants to save money there are other less interesting sites they could “archive”. As other contributors have stated less sport reporting would be one of them. An altogether wrong idea to lose this site. Shame on you BBC

  4. pierre filletti says:

    the BBC recipe food section helped me and my children to start cooking , its an excellent web site for ideas if the BBC want to save money they can stop sport reporting since not everybody is interested in sports ant there other web sites that deal with sports

  5. Tad Barker says:

    This needs to be kept!
    A fantastic record of recipes over the years for people to use, if only to plan varied dinner parties.

    It is a true ‘reference library’. AND, it’s already been paid for !

    Come on BBC. Stop devaluing your brand in front if us; it’s embarrassing.

  6. Barry Shears says:

    Shame on the BBC. This website has been paid for by the licence payer. There is precious little cooking education for the younger generation anyway. The site is inspirational for a generation uneducated in cooking knowledge and skills.

    • Bob Toovey says:

      Thanks for the comment Barry – totally agree that the archive is a very important resource. I can’t imagine that the upkeep and maintenance makes any serious dent in the overall budget! It seems more likely they’re trying make a point and put the BBC ‘in it’s place’!