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Rum And Coconut Flavoured Pineapple Fritters, A Rather Tempting Dessert!

Here’s a great recipe for you to try out this coming weekend,¬†coconut and pineapple fritters! The boys from Sorted Food create a light tempura batter with added desiccated coconut. The ingredients are simple and the results are delightful!


For added flavour, the pineapple is soaked in rum and brown sugar. The tempura¬†is made from flour and chilled sparkling water, along with the desiccated coconut. The fizzy bubbles help to make the batter crispy and light. Also, you don’t have to buy a whole pineapple to try this out. In the video, they open a tin of pineapple rings. Just make sure you drain them well.

To finish it all off, a huge blob of whipped cream is added with a small sprig of mint. Gorgeous!

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