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Rick Stein’s Top Tips For Preparing Fish

rick stein fish tips

Rick Stein is best known for his passion for fish. That passion has lead to restaurants, a training school and even self-catering accommodation. And of course, plenty of books with recipes inspired by his many travels around the world.

Of all the celebrity chefs, past and present, Rick Stein is the probably the most calm and relaxed of them all. I really enjoy his programs, in particular the series where he toured India. Really inspired me in to cooking curries.

Anyway, as Rick is a fish expert I thought it would be good to feature a few of his fish tips. Preparing fish is not that complicated if you know what you’re doing. The following videos feature Mr Stein demonstrating the best ways to prep fish. They were made to promote his 2015 book Fish & Shellfish. There is a bit of skill involved but having the right tools, a de-scaler and a sharp knife, certainly do help!


How to prepare Dover Sole

How to clean and prepare mussels for cooking

How to prepare a round fillet

Once you’ve mastered the art of preparing fish, try this lovely dish from Rick’s travels around spain, Paella inspired Monkfish and rice

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