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Rick Stein’s Fennel Sausages With Lemon Potatoes


Are you a Rick Stein fan? Considering that his Turkish spicy lamb flat bread is still trending very well here I guess there’s quite a few! It may well be connected that he is back on telly again in. The new BBC series sees 6 cooks travelling around to find out more about their favourite dishes, he has mentioned it on his own website.

While Rick explores Australia, we are going to take a look at a recipe from one of his culinary adventures in Italy –Fennel Sausages with lemon potatoes. It’s simple, easy to make and by looks of it, full of great flavour – a hallmark of Italian cookery!

Check out the video below where he puts it all together. The ingredient list is fairly brief, the sausages he uses contains fennel but as he mentions you can use other types of sausage as long as the flavour is strong and meaty.

What you will need for Fennel Sausages with lemon potatoes

  • Fennel sausages
  • Onions
  • Two close of garlic
  • Waxy potatoes
  • Fresh lemon of zest and juice
  • Bay leaves
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil

While looking around for the recipe on YouTube, I came across the episode of ‘Cooks Abroad’ that features Rick Stein! If you want to watch it then do it soon, before it gets taken down and becomes unavailable.

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