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How To Make Authentic Spanish Patatas Bravas

Hola!! Today I am going to make one of the most typical Spanish tapas.PATATAS BRAVAS! Oh my! I love bravas. Bravas are something you would order when meeting a friend after work or a day of classes, (or anytime). And best enjoyed sitting at an outdoor cafe with a glass of wine or a beer. They are […]

Spanish Style Puff Pastry Pizza With Fresh Tomatoes

Hola!! Hola from Barcelona! I am nervous,  very nervous. My wedding is right around he corner. (I’ll post some pictures on Instagram). Yay! I can´t wait, but at the same time I have tons of butterflies in my stomach everyday. I guess it’s natural. Everyone tells me not to worry, that everything will be fine. Yes, yes…. but when […]

Blue Skies And Warm Weather, Time For Tapas!

The sun is shining, the skies are blue and the wind is warm. Well, at least where I am it is! If it’s looking a lot like summer where you are then you might be thinking of BBQ’s, salads and outdoor eating. If you are planning on enjoying it with friends and family then here’s […]

Broad beans with pata negra ham

A good cured ham can be absolutely delicious and there are many ways of using it – simply on its own, as part many different tapas dishes or in a salad to name but a few. The recipe for today uses pata negra ham (also referred to as Iberian ham) which is a type of […]

Tapas Time With Chorizo And Prawns

Can you believe it’s already June? Hopefully, where you are, the days are getting nice and warm and there’s plenty of sunshine. Many will be thinking of barbecues (something we can help you with) or dining outside with friends and family. If you are planning to entertain a few friends, especially in the warm evenings, then […]

Go Spanish And Try This Tapas Dish, Spicy Prawns With Garlic and Chilli

Have you ever been to Spain and spent time in a Tapas bar? I really like the idea of Tapas, small dishes of flavour that leave you wanting more. They are not meant to be too distracting – they can be eaten so that they form a meal but often as snacks while you enjoy […]

Move over Camembert, here comes Monte Enebro

When it comes to buying cheese, we tend to do it at supermarkets. The French as well represented with Camembert, Brie and the rest. What we don’t see to much of is Spanish cheese. Is it a case that we are not to keen to widen our taste buds? Or do supermarkets think we are […]