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Weekend Challenge: How To Make A Indian Curry At Home, Lamb Karahi

There’s a problem with trying to make an Indian curry at home. Most of the time, as hard as you try,  it just doesn’t taste like the one you ordered from your local Indian restaurant. However, before we continue, I want to make an important distinction here. I’m not talking about authentic food. To be authentic […]

Indo-chinese Chilli Paneer, An Amazing Mix From The Saffron Kitchen

    You’ve tasted Chinese food. You’ve tasted Indian food BUT have you tried Indo-chinese cuisine yet? If you haven’t, prepare to be mind-blown by this marriage of two delectable cuisines – Chinese food with Indian spices. WIN. Growing up, one of my favorite dishes at restaurants was the Chili Paneer (most popular paneer dish). […]

Your New Favourite Indian Dish – Chole Masala

I just love a good Indian curry, though these days I use vegetables much more than I use meat. Tonight, I am planning on using cauliflower with an aromatic yoghurt inspired gravy. May not be too authentic but then I do like to experiment a little. One ingredient I do like to use is chickpeas. […]

Prawn Masala

Last night I had prawn masala with pilau rice and oh my word it was delicious! I will admit that both items were purchased from the ready meal aisle at my local supermarket but today I actually looked up a recipe for masala as I really would like to give it a go myself. Luckily […]

Indian Week: Beef & Banana Curry

Today’s Beef & Banana Curry comes courtesy of my Auntie Sarah all the way over in Australia. I’ve eaten this a couple of times when I’ve visited and it is absolutely delicious so I’m very honoured to have been passed on the recipe. A couple of tips from her would be to use a very […]

Indian Week: Spinach & Onion Bhajis by Reg!

This week we are turning up the spice level and going Indian! Today we see the very funny and ever so slightly eccentric Reg making spinach and onion bhajis. I absolutely love these and often have one if I’m at an Indian restaurant or having a take-away but now I can make my own whenever […]

Potato Week: A taste of India with Bombay Potatoes

I really love Indian food and like most of Us, I love to dabble and try to cook a recipe for myself. It doesn’t always come out right and never up to Reza Mahammad‘s standards but I do try. One thing I do like to try is this very dish, Bombay Potatoes. So to keep […]

Potato Week: Tumbet

So summer is on it’s way out and the nights are drawing in….*sigh*. But let’s not dwell on that. This week is all about dishes containing potatoes. There are hundreds to choose from so today I’ve picked something which I’ve never heard of but which sounds rather delicious and is a good way of using […]