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Bipolar Weather and Classic Beef Stroganoff

Just 48 hours ago I was sitting outside with the warm sun shining down upon my face, a slight breeze from the North brushing across my shoulder and a salted Margarita in hand. Now. It is snowing. Again. The only answer I have is layers…lots and lots of layers. Mother Nature, I implore you… TAKE YOUR MEDS!!! […]

Three Stews To Keep You Warm During Cold And Wintry Days

The East Coast of the USA is suffering from snow storms, the UK is decidedly chilly and here in France – well oddly it’s quite warm at 15c. Still, the evenings are cold and heart warming food is still the order the day. So, with that in mind, I’ve been taking a look at Stews To […]

Tomato Noodle Soup And Adult Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Some nights are just fun. The best times seem to happen when nothing is planned and the “going to have a good night stars” align. Last Saturday night was one of those nights. I had been running around all day from one errand to the next. By the time I got home I was tired and cold and […]

This Asian Inspired Recipe Should Change Your Mind About Sprouts!

If you were presented with a plate of sprouts, would you eat one? Most people would say no. For some reason, the humble sprout has become one of those vegetables we are least likely to eat. However, did you know that, ‘Sprouts contain high levels of vitamins A and C, folic acid and dietary fibre, […]

One Pot Loveliness With Chicken, Balsamic Vinegar And Vegetables

After looking out of the window this morning, and noticing it was still raining, things cheered up when I came across this recipe. It comes from food blogger Averie who is based in San Diego. She says it’s a winter dish but I would be happy to eat it at any time! The recipe is for One-Skillet Balsamic […]

Eat Seasonably with leek & emmental hot cheese soufflé

Nowadays you can get hold of almost any ingredient in the supermarket at any time of year – strawberries in winter, sprouts in summer. Seasons just don’t seem to matter any more. However, if it is out of season in this country it’s likely to have flown many many miles from another country to end up on the […]