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Just For Vegans? Maple Tofu Skewers With Papaya Salsa

Hey Vegans, what do you think of Maple Tofu Skewers? If you thought there was nothing out there for you this BBQ season then you need to think again. Seriously, if this idea from Choclette at Tin & Thyme – Maple Tofu Skewers with Papaya Salsa ¬†– doesn’t grab you then there’s something really wrong. […]

The Amazing Watermelon Keg You’ll Want For Your Summer Parties!

https://www.facebook.com/FoodNetwork/videos/10154479251801727/?sw_fnr_id=365012519 This video for a watermelon keg comes from the Food Network, and what a brilliant idea it is too! It’s also fairly simple to create. Take one large watermelon and mush up the insides. Pour out the contents through a sieve to ensure you are leaving the seeds etc behind. Then, pour it back […]

BBQ Cooking: Chicken Kebabs With Corn On The Cob

This weekend, forget sausages and burgers on your BBQ and instead try grilling your own handmade chicken kebabs! Serve them with grilled corn on the cob for a really exciting plate of food. This inspiration comes from Deon who blogs at FoodJam. Despite having a day job, he somehow finds the time to post great […]

How To Make Jamie Oliver’s Perfect Potato Salad

How do you make your potato salad? Warm spuds diced up with some chives and mayo? There is so much more you can do, plenty of great flavours you can add to bring it to the next level. How about adding crispy lardons or lemon juice? Spend a little extra time preparing your potato salad […]

Enjoy Summer’s End With These Creative Blackberry Recipes

I have great memories of being a kid and going out with my family to go fruit picking. We would try and fill the plastic bags that we carried with as many blackberries as possible but the thorny bushes would always make it difficult. Even a half full bag would feel like a triumph! While […]

Preserving Summer: Marmalade, Curd And Jam Recipes That Go Beyond!

You do know there’s more to preserving summer fruit than just making jam, right? Jam making is the traditional method for enjoying the spoils of summer during¬†the chilly winter months. However, you can also make marmalades and curds that essentially do the same thing. The standard jam uses strawberry, and the recipes for other fruit […]

Top 10 Fabulous Strawberry Recipes You Should Be Trying This Summer

Don’t you just love strawberries? The humble strawberry can be used in so many different ways and I’ve found some really lovely ideas from very creative food bloggers. From amazing breakfast muffins to thirst quenching drinks. Head out to your local market and pick up some Great British Strawberries and give these fabulous recipes a […]

25 British Foods That Can Only Be Eaten Outdoors In The Summer

The British can be, shall we say – a little different – when it comes to eating in the summer. This infographic shows some of the particularly English things that can only be eaten outside in the sunshine. Such things as pork pies, pimms (obviously) and elderflower cordials. Can you imagine any other nationality eating […]

Zesty Lime Broccoli Coleslaw, Perfect For A ‘Hot Hot Hot’ Summer!

Man oh man we are in the middle of a heat wave! I can’t believe it’s only May and it is hot hot hot. Not an enjoyable heat but a sweltering, can’t sleep, too hot to think heat wave. I guess that means summer is officially here right? With that in mind, I’m looking to […]

Not Your Typical Burgers and Fries

If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my natural life it would be a nice, juicy, burger hot off the grill. There is nothing better than all of that melted cheese and meat in a bun. Sometimes that’s really all it needs. Other times I like to get really […]