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Fresh Spring Desserts are Blooming!

The most amazing things happen during Spring. No matter if it’s foods or flowers, everything is colorful, fresh, new and delicious! My mission in life this time of year is to find the elusive Meyer Lemon. Meyer lemons are a citrus fruit native to China thought to be a cross between a lemon and either a mandarin […]

Serving Spring with Bay Scallop Bread Pudding

I have always been of the opinion Bay scallops were not real seafood. I mean they are so tiny, and the flavor is very meek. They are not at all creamy and tender like their larger, sweeter, buttery-er cousin, the Sea Scallop. Quite frankly, I really haven’t had much use for them at all. Not that […]

Prosciutto And Parmesan, An Impressive Appetiser for Spring That’s Quick And Easy

A slice of prosciutto rolled around a bunch of mixed greens that has been tossed in a light honey-dijon vinaigrette, layered with fresh pears and Parmesan cheese slices. Think of it as salad in finger food form. I gently tossed greens in a very basic vinaigrette and placed a slice of pear and parmesan cheese […]

Is it Spring Yet?? | Fresh Spring Rolls with Ginger Lime Dipping Sauce

So spring is really taking its sweet time coming. Here in Atlanta, the weather keeps changing. One day is warm, next day it’s cold, next day it’s a winter advisory, next day it’s 75 degrees, next day it’s raining cats and dogs. Ahhhh!!! Pick a season!! So what do you do when your yearning  for […]

Super Foods of Spring And Summer

It’s about that time of the year when we begin to think about big water, summer and swimsuits! I have to admit, it’s not exactly my favorite time of the year. I much prefer meals of bread, wine and pasta, and then the baggy sweatshirts of winter to cover it all up. Alas, there can be […]

Planking | Cedar Plank Norwegian Salmon with Apricot Mango Habanero Glaze

Just in time for Spring, we’re sharing this amazing Cedar Plank Norwegian Salmon! The Apricot Habanero glaze adds just enough heat to the sweetness of the apricot to make an outstanding accent to any fish, particularly salmon. This is a perfect dish to enjoy with the warm breezes of Spring. Although this recipe can be prepared […]

Arugula Salad with Homemade Orange Champagne Vinaigrette, Pinenuts, Baked Chicken Herbs De Provence and Hard Boiled Eggs

Light, easy, and delicious, this is a lovely spring or summer time meal with only six ingredients! For this meal, the chicken will take the longest to cook. For this reason I am going to start with it first. Baked Chicken Herbs De Provence Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts Herbs De Provence Sea salt or […]

Chinese Stir-Fried Spring Greens

At this time of year spring greens are at their best and can be picked up cheaply at your local market or in the shops. There are lots of ways to cook and eat spring greens but today’s recipe is for stir-frying them Chinese style. Spring greens are packed full of minerals and vitamins which […]

Speedy Pork With Spring Greens

Spring has finally sprung here – daffodils are making an appearance, it’s lighter at night and buds are starting to show on the hedges in the garden. So what better way to celebrate than with a recipe for speedy pork with spring greens! There are many ways to use your fresh greens. Here is just […]

Spinach rarebit melts

Olive is a great magazine for foodies which I occasionally buy for ideas and recipes. This month’s edition has a recipe for spinach rarebit melts which look delicious and are a great idea for a tasty snack – anything with cheese in it is a winner for me! There are many variations for a rarebit but they all involve melted […]