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Classic Deep Filled Bramely Apple Pie

There’s nothing better than a bowl of warm apple pie with either ice cream or custard. If you plan to make one this month, then head to your local market and get yourself some Bramleys. This traditional English variety can be dated back to Mary Ann Brailsford in 1809 when the first ‘Bramley’s Seedling’ tree grew […]

Gorgeous Meat Pie Recipes That Are Perfect For Lunch Or Dinner!

At this time of year, I think we need to start talking about meat pie recipes. The sort of dish that has perfectly cooked pastry on top, a lovely moist filling inside and thick gravy poured on top. Brings back memories of my Mum’s Saturday night specials that she used to cook when I was kid. There’s something special […]

The Best Ever Three Ingredient Strawberry Pie

Sometimes simple is best. This thought seems to apply to many things in life in general. It’s especially helpful in the kitchen. Good recipes and fresh ingredients do not need much to be grand. One of the best recipes my family ever made was this strawberry pie. There are three ingredients, and it takes roughly […]

Heat Up The Oven, It’s Time To Make A Lovely Pie!

  Nothing really compares to a freshly cooked pie fresh from the oven. Hot pastry, the filling steaming away and the unbearable desire to dive straight in! For those who can control themselves, a well crafted pie impresses friends and family. It shows dedication and skill in the craft of baking. I understand the need for pie, […]

Cottage Pie With Cauliflower Mash

I thought I’d find a recipe which was lower in carbs for today’s post as I’m trying to have a couple of no-carb, or low-carb, meals every week. I’m definitely going to try this recipe for cottage pie with cauliflower mash. You’ve still got that feeling of it being a comfort dish and it’s ever […]

British Pie Week – Key Lime Pie

Today we are continuing our British pie week theme with a recipe for Key Lime Pie which comes from The Hairy Bikers: Mums Know Best. Who says this classic American dessert can’t make it into our British pie week list of recipes?! It serves 8 people and is wonderfully zingy – a sure fire hit […]

British Pie Week – Rosie’s Pork Pies

Keeping up with our ‘Pie Week’ theme, we take a long over due visit to Rosie’s Kitchen. In her post Rosie’s Pork Pies…, we get not only the recipe for the British picnic favourite but also how to make hot water pastry. The video shows the making of the pastry and then using it to […]

British Pie Week – Scotch Egg Pie

British Pie Week is a relatively new national awareness day which started in 2007. Starting today it’s a whole seven days of celebrating wondrous pies both sweet and savoury. The question is – what sort of pie will you make? Or perhaps you have a favourite pie recipe which never fails you? We would love […]

Four & Twenty Chicken & Ham Pie

The nursery rhyme may mention four and twenty blackbirds but don’t worry, there are none featured in this recipe for Chicken and Ham Pie! It is simply a great way to use up leftover chicken and stock plus if you bought a ham at Christmas that may not have been used up. Combined with the […]

Mums Know Best – Meat And Potato Pie

As I write this blog post the rain is lashing against my front door, it’s dark and it’s bitterly cold. Basically all I would like to eat right now is some comfort food! Therefore today’s post is for a meat and potato pie which comes from Dee Briggs who the Hairy Bikers met during their […]