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Gluten Free Cooking, Top Tips You Need To Know

This infographic comes via SheKnows.com, and contains very useful information on removing gluten from your baking. If you have problems with gluten or cooking for someone who has, then these tips will be invaluable! Don’t forget to visit the link above as the author Mary McCoy lists some great gluten free recipes. We’ve also have plenty […]

Get Beach Body Ready: Gluten Free PB & J Pancakes

Alright, people, it’s almost Summer. I’m seriously looking into eating healthier now, I mean it. However, I’m just not willing to compromise the fact that, when I want pancakes, I’m going to have pancakes. Well, thanks to the fun “gluten-free” fad we’ve got going on right now, I now have an answer to all my […]

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Banana & Carrot Pancakes

    Looking for an intolerance-friendly brekky idea? Something that’s gluten-free but also made from whole grains, to keep you and the kids fuller for longer? Then this is the one for you! Hidden vegetables? Tick. Fruit as a natural, high fibre sweetener? Tick. No dairy but still light and fluffy? Tick, tick and tick. […]

Gluten Free Sundried Tomato Bread

I’ve been looking for an easy to make tomato bread for a while and have come across this one which is also gluten free. I’ve always been slightly put off the idea of making my own bread as I can’t be bothered with all the proving, rising, kneading etc. I don’t have a bread maker […]

Are you looking for a gluten free Chocolate cake?

Coeliac disease (or celiac disease for our U.S. friends) means you have to avoid gluten, something normally found in wheat flour. It’s the stuff that helps to bind stuff together in pastry etc. So if you want to eat a really nice chocolate cake then either you buy one or buy a packet mix that does […]