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Fun Facts with Apples: Apple Cinnamon Ribs & Collard Greens

Last week we identified October as National Apple Month. Apples are spectacular for pies, cakes, dumplings, custards and puddings, but did you know apples are equally as good in savory dishes? Growing up my mama made the most amazing meatballs. She would spend all day in the kitchen crafting her prized entree. They were always so […]

Flavors of Fall – Apples: For Eating or Cooking?

October is National Apple month – and there’s no better time to make an apple pie, apple sauce, a pork roast with baked apples, baked apples with ice cream, an apple martini–or simply grab one for snacking. The question for me is always, what kind of apple for what method of consumption. Although you can […]

Savoury apple crumble

We are now in October and apples are great this time of year. Whether you are lucky enough to have your own orchard, a couple of trees or just rely on your local market or supermarket for your supply, there are hundreds of recipes which feature apples. You may think this recipe from Nigel Slater for […]