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The Only Kebab Worth Having Is Made Of Chocolate!

  If you saw a kebab made of chocolate, would you say no? Of course not, who would? What would you put with your chocolate kebab though? What other dessert like ingredients would you want to include? Your thoughts and ideas in the comments below please…   Original idea by Original ChocoWrap Dessert Truck, found […]

Go Dipping This Christmas And Make A Fab Festive Chocolate Treat

We all love a festive chocolate treat, no matter what time of day it is! However, I’ve decided not to share recipes where loads of chocolate is used (thinking of thick frosted cakes here) but instead, where it’s used to enhance the final product. Dipping things in Chocolate is a fine festive tradition and there […]

Don’t Be Upset With The New Shape Toblerone, Use It As An Ingredient Instead!

The much loved Toblerone chocolate bar is now slightly different, there’s a bigger gap between each triangle now. And for a while, just briefly, it was the only thing the British could talk about and the news channels covered it all! Drowning out the continual mentions of Donald Trump, Brexit and Nigel Farage. The change is a […]

More To Hot Chocolate Than You Think…

Is there anything better than a hot chocolate when it’s cold outside? Sipping a big mugs worth while watching your favourite film under a blanket, nothing beats it. Question is, can you do better when it comes to the hot chocolate? The infographic below comes from a post on ‘SheKnows’, 18 Delicious ways to get […]

National Chocolate Week – The Ultimate Recipes!

National Chocolate Week is almost over but you still have today and the weekend to indulge a few more times before we can’t use this as an excuse any more to pig out on this wonderful sweet treat. I love chocolate. In fact I would go so far as to say I am addicted to […]

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Mousse

BBC Food & Drink is currently showing on our screens and a recent recipe for salted caramel and chocolate mousse caught my eye! It was shown to us by Michel Roux Jr. and is a recipe which his mother used. The combination of the salt and the sweet really work well together in this easy […]

Chocolate, Almond & Cardamom Torte

Everyone needs chocolate in their life, it’s a fact. So today’s recipe is a rich, delicious dessert for chocolate, almond and cardamom torte. I’m dribbling just looking at the picture! I found it on the Divine Chocolate website – it’s really worth a look for all us chocoholics. However, try not to look at it […]

Not So Naughty Chocolate Brownies

I love reading through a brand new cook book crammed full of delicious ideas but I must admit the book then usually ends up on the shelf until I remember to have another peek and try something new. However, my newest recipe book which I got for Christmas is by Nadia Sawalha and is called […]

Chocolate Week: Chocolate Truffles

As we count down to Christmas and start panicking about present shopping and what we are going to get everybody I thought I’d find a recipe for Chocolate Truffles – a great present idea I think. You can gloat that you’ve made something yourself, gift wrap them to make them look pretty and it’s also a […]