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Impress Your Dinner Party Guests With Roasted Pears, Brie & Pistachios

Here’s something lovely to do with pears and cheese, it’s rather easy to do but involves little fuss. This idea from ‘EatingWell.com’ combines simple ingredients that you would never thought to bring together. Once you do though, you’ll want to do it again! Nothing else to say other than watch the video, full recipe is here… Roasted […]

Cheese Please! Fab Ideas For Brunch, Lunch And Just Because!

Are you a cheese lover? Who can resist a generous slice of brie, camembert or roquefort. There are so many amazing varieties out there – feta is great in a salad, parmesan with spaghetti and the world’s most favourite has to be cheddar. So many cheeses and so many wonderful recipes that use them. There’s simply not […]

Not Tried Halloumi Yet? These Recipes Will Show You What You’re Missing!

Halloumi cheese is one those things you heard about but perhaps never got round to trying. Today I’m hoping to fix that! However, we should take a look and find out what Halloumi is exactly. According to the ever helpful Wikipedia Halloumi is, “…a semi-hard, unripened brined cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and […]

Mushroom & Camembert Wellingtons

I guess I have to start admitting to myself that it is now December and that I can’t hide from the fact that I need to start my Christmas shopping (meh). As my friends will tell you I’m not really a fan of the whole Christmas vibe but one thing I can and do get […]

Paneer, A Simple Cheese Anyone Can Make

I love Indian food, any excuse to make a spicy curry. I like to explore the flavours and textures. Most recipes involve vegetables and spices, not to difficult to do as I have a lovely market on my door step twice a week. However, there’s one thing I’ve not tried and that’s making paneer. It’s […]

Roquefort cheese

Roquefort cheese is one of the ingredients featured in today’s recipe following on from the post of yesterday for a great offer from Pong Cheese. Roquefort is fantastic and is one of my absolute favorite cheeses (I do love my cheese!). It’s a semi-soft, crumbly, white cheese with blue-green veins and a sweet, tangy flavour from the South of France […]