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Cauliflower Cheese, Everyone’s Favourite At Any Time Of The Year!

If you are a regular reader here, then you’ll know that I really REALLY like cauliflower! I guess my favourite thing to make with them is cauliflower cheese. Though I got to admit, I do like making a spicy hot curry with them from time to time. However, for today, I’ll be sticking with cauliflower cheese recipes, nice […]

Cauliflower & Chicken Curry

Cauliflowers are in season this month here in the UK but let’s forget about the classic that is cauliflower cheese (as much as I still love this dish). Instead I’ve found a recipe for cauliflower and chicken curry which gives new life to this often referred to as ‘boring’ vegetable. Low in fat and carbohydrate […]

Quick cauliflower curry

One of April’s best veg is the cauliflower – in season and available at your local market. The thought of cauliflower may conjure up the smell of school dinners or indeed a ‘boiled-to-death’ sludgy side dish. However, the humble cauliflower can be made into so many different tasty dishes. The most common dish that springs to most […]