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The Easy To Make Malaysian Flatbread – Roti Canai

I love making flatbread, mainly because it’s fairly simple and goes with many different dishes. There’s quite a few recipes for it, despite it having so few ingredients, but I’ve found one that has to be the simplest yet. It’s called Roti Canai and comes from Malaysia. The only real ingredients are salt, flour, water and […]

Eating fresh with Mushroom Bruschetta

Welcome to another week… another week back to work or school, cleaning, sorting, organizing your home and life… going to appointments and making sure you get the kids to school in one piece. You know, the usual. But what about the unusual? What about flavours that come together to give you a delicious appetizer, starter […]

Home Baked Breads | No Substitutes for Delicious

There is nothing in this world better than the aroma of homemade bread coming from the kitchen. No matter if it’s the waffling scent of blueberries from a warm loaf of blueberry vanilla bread or the lusciousness of a lemon loaf, bread is near and dear to the heart. Bread has gotten a bad wrap […]

Give Challah A Holla!

I’ve been baking our breads for many moons. It seems like forever honestly. I do remember though the very first loaf I baked. It wasn’t perfect, but wow it was so good. The first few loaves were intimidating. The more I baked however, the more confident I became. Now it’s second nature and I can’t […]

Take Your Home Made Loaf One Step Further With Caramelised Onions

Do you like making bread? Feel like it’s time to experiment a little? This video from Home Cooking Adventure shows you how to add caramelised onions to your loaf.  Just a little prep is required, you need to make the caramelised onions before you starting mixing the main ingredients. I like the added chopped green onion, gives it […]

Cumbrian Christmas Bread

We are always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so how about trying this recipe for Cumbrian Christmas bread on Christmas morning? It’s a traditional spiced bread which is delicious served warm with lashings of butter! What better way to start your festive day before opening lots of presents and […]

Can You Really Make The Perfect Naan Bread?

Naan bread – we all love it and for many it’s something we want to try and make ourselves. Being as it’s an Indian thing, actually making it as authentic as possible is not easy. It always ends up a compromise. Baking powder instead of wild yeast, plain flour or a mix with plain and bread […]

Ham and Cheese Quick Bread

I must admit that baking my own bread just doesn’t appeal to me. I think mostly because of all the ‘faffing’ around with the dough and leaving it to prove etc. I don’t have a bread maker either so can’t even cheat a little! Call me impatient but I like to either grab a couple of […]

Baking week: Irish soda bread

Irish Soda bread is so versatile, have it with real butter, part of a stew or with soup. It’s also really simple to make and needs only a few ingredients. Not only is it quick to make but you could let your kids have a go at making it, great for rainy afternoons. It took me […]