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Weekend Challenge: It’s Time To Make Banana Bread!

Everybody loves banana’s, well just about everybody. They’re great as quick snacks, perfect for breakfast and they’re really really healthy! And one last attribute you may not be aware of, they are radioactive. Don’t believe me? Wikipedia says… Bananas are naturally slightly radioactive, more so than most other fruits, because of their potassium content and […]

Small Objects Of Desire – The Cupcakes Of Instagram!

In my continued efforts to make you smile when it’s oh-so-horrible’ outside, I bring you some of the loveliest cupcakes of Instagram! They are gorgeous, cleverly made and very desirable! There’s just so many toppings and flavours. If you’re not feeling hungry after checking them out, then there’s something very wrong! Let me know what […]

10 Fabulous Cakes That will Make You Instantly Hungry!

With Christmas and New Year behind us, it time to face a chilly January. I don’t know about you but I’m not quite ready for that yet! Instead of lamenting about the weather, heading back to work and the lack of sunshine – I thought I’d cheer us all up with some pictures of fabulous […]

The Gluten Free Christmas Cake Everyone Will Love

OK, it’s December and I can now officially start talking about Christmas. So let’s kick off with what for many is the the most important festive item on the menu, the Christmas cake. However, spare a thought for those that can’t process gluten, will they feel left out if they can’t eat your carefully crafted […]

How To Make The Cornish Pasty, The Lunchtime Filler!

Recently, I’ve been favouring recipes that are more suited to evening meals. I guess that’s mainly due to last weeks sausage week and Bonfire night. So I’ve kinda been ignoring hot and filling lunch time ideas. If you’ve been out working in the cold then something to warm you up again would be most welcome! You could […]

Magic Cake, How To Make The Amazing Three Layer Dessert

The latest viral food sensation to dominate the Intertubes this week is Magic Cake. From what I’ve read, it it’s one of those ideas that never really goes away and becomes newsworthy every few years. However, I have to admit it’s the first time I’ve heard of it and once you’ve seen how it’s made, yeah […]

Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings Are Perfect For Any Day Of The Week!

There’s nothing more traditionally British than a Sunday roast with Yorkshire Puddings. And it doesn’t matter how good the roast is, what is important is that the gravy and the yorkshire puddings are just right. It’s almost like the ultimate test of a home cook, if you can conquer the humble pudding – you can cook […]

Apple Crumble: 5 Great Alternative Ideas You Need To Know

Nothing beats warm apple crumble, a hot bowl of traditional English pudding served with either ice cream or custard. I’m sure we all have fond childhood memories of mum or granny cooking crumble in the kitchen and the wonderful smells filling the whole house. Made you want to rush through dinner just so you could […]

Could This Be The Best Chocolate Cake You Have Ever Seen?

While perusing the various foody groups I’m a member of on Facebook, I came across one posting that blew me away. If it’s still ok to describe food as being sexy then this cake is the partner of your dreams that fulfils your every need and desire and does so with a huge smile and a […]

Sarah Bailey’s Fruit And Nut Tray Bake

Sarah Bailey has been in touch and submitted this recipe for Fruit and Nut Tray Bake. From the pictures, it looks absolutely lovely! Most of the ingredients are most likely lurking in your cupboards. If they’re not then they are fairly cheap to buy and besides, you’re going to want to make lots of it so […]