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The Bacon Grill For Perfectly Grilled Bacon Every Time!

You will want this bacon grill! Think about it for a moment. Are you so addicted to bacon that you wish you had some way of cooking it whenever you wanted? And cooked beautifully each time without the mess? Well, now you can with the Nostalgia Products BACON EXPRESS™… “Welcome to a healthier way to cook bacon […]

Bacon Wrapped Food Is Still A Brilliant Idea

Last week Men’s Health shared a video on Facebook that totally focussed on BACON! Wonderfully versatile bacon can be wrapped around just about anything, often creating something rather special. I say often because I’m not sure that bacon wrapped pineapple slices is really a thing. However, wrapped halloumi cheese, mushrooms and dates are all things we […]

The Perfect Snack – Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potatoes With A Fabulous Dip

Bacon, one of the world’s most favourite food items. It’s versatile, has an addictive flavour and the most debated when it comes to the correct way of cooking it. So anything that has bacon in it is going to be of interest. And that’s one of the reasons why this recipe by UK food blogger Whitney at Whitty Paleo […]

Is This The Bacon Recipe That Rules Them All?

I was cruising around the web looking for interesting things to pin on our various Pinterest boards. Then I spotted the latest innovation in bacon treats. We all love bacon, it’s like one of the main stays of life. Who isn’t cheered up by lovely crunchy bacon? Just the smell of bacon cooking can make […]