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Raymond Blanc’s Chicory And Roquefort Salad

roquefort salad

While checking for what’s new on the BBC Good Food channel on YouTube, I came across Raymond Blanc’s Chicory Walnut Roquefort Salad. It was published back in 2014 but seeing as it’s summer and I love Roquefort, I just had to share it!

The ingredients should all be readily available including the chicory, walnuts and pears. The dressing is made with Roquefort –  Raymond uses warm water to loosen the cheese,  he then adds vinegar and olive oil. The mixture is then whisked so it has a creamy consistency.

When it comes to crumbling the cheese, he puts it in to the freezer for a very short while to harden it. This makes it easier to do, especially if you have warm hands!

I’m sure you local supermarket will have Roquefort available but if it doesn’t then do check out Pong Cheese. They have many other cheeses available including ones specifically chosen for the summer – use the discount code of SUMMER10 to save yourself some money.

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