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Rachel Khoo’s Roasted Rhubarb And Almond Pudding

roasted rhubarb almond pudding

While researching for today’s post, I realised that I really haven’t mentioned rhubarb all that much. Though not actually a true fruit, most of the time that is how we treat it and use it as such. As I’m sure you’re aware, rhubarb is often used in pies, tarts and particularly goes well in crumbles. Due to its firmness and tart taste, it needs be cooked along with some sugar. It helps to soften it and reign in the sharpness to a certain extent.

While tracking down a suitable recipe, I came across this video by Rachel Khoo. She makes a simple almond pudding and tops it off with roasted rhubarb. It really is easy to make and, as she declares in the video, it’s virtually a vegan dessert!

Just to point out other benefits to this recipe, its gluten and dairy free, and uses unsweetened almond milk. What could be better than that?

Don’t forget to check out our archive for more from Rachel Khoo. You can also find her published cook books on Amazon.

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